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Corporate Services

Corporate Advisory Services

  • The range of corporate advisory services provided by Southbank Capital includes:
Capital raisings including underwritings, placements and rights issues for listed and unlisted securities
Corporate reorganisations
Debt refinancing and structuring
Divestments and asset sales
Mergers and acquisitions
Public company listings on the Australian Stock Exchange
Share repurchase plans for listed companies and
The provision of strategic planning and corporate advice, business and investment search and analysis

Southbank Capital provides specialised corporate advisory services principally to privately owned businesses and small to medium sized public and ASX listed companies.

Southbank Capital specifically targets Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a
 market capitalisation of $150 million and below, a sector, which has not traditionally been
 well serviced by financial market participants.

  • Critical to the continued success of Southbank Capital in servicing 
its corporate clients’  needs are:
Successful track record
Distribution strength, through its existing client base and external distribution networks
Incisive negotiation skills and structuring expertise
Discerning, personal and professional approach
Proactive after market and corporate advisory support
Southbank Capital also invests its own funds in strategic business opportunities.

Southbank Capital supports its corporate clients on an on-going basis, providing continuing
 corporate advice on and assistance with additional capital raising and mergers and acquisitions 
proposals. This on-going personal relationship with clients contrasts with a transaction driven
 approach and allows Southbank Capital to obtain a detailed understanding of its clients’
 businesses and corporate objectives.


These have been established to provide wholesale and institutional investors with an opportunity to invest in a variety of asset classes in Australia and overseas which are not usually available to individual investors.
1310/250 St Kilda Road, Southbank, VIC 3006


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